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March 30, 2004
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Dummnoni LARP by BraveAnimal Dummnoni LARP by BraveAnimal
Not sure this is in the right categorie. sorry..

It`s a pic of me ( the little one on the right) to show of my costume making skills. This was taken in Holland during my favorite LARP event Dummnoni -nl-
I play a Norse and carry two axes and a roudn shield ( on the left upsidedown on the ground).
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Seaxwulf Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Goddamn if you folks don't look like you're having fun!
ShatteredMoon96 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
nice costume, can i ask you a quick question? i know it might sound a stupid but oh well
Domyras Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
where in the Netherlands is this hosted? i'm from Belgian Limburg and i'm interested in joining a larp group ^^
MrMakto Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010
gah, i needa move to Europe. Wish the US had some good larp groups :/
kentuckyproud Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Try NERO, Wildlands West is a good one if you're on the east coast
MrMakto Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
I actually play nero here in ohio. We have a few players that have nice costumes and others basically just put on a leather jacket and call it armor. I will look into it for sure
genscreations Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
VERY nice! Assuming by the clouds of white stuff in the photo, I'm guessing it was cold?
TrinSarda Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2007
That's a fantastic shield and some great armour. It looks like a good group too. What system do you use, if you don't mind my asking?
BraveAnimal Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007
I do not mind you asking at all. The system is the `dummnoni system`They have developed it themselves. We use as little calls as possible, a weapon does just one point damage and armour is stackable, but has to be real. thick leather has to be thick leather, mail has to be mail. That way the bets armoured warriors also have the contrictions and the weight of the extra points they wear.
The hits are acted out so you know when you`ve hit someone. If the strike is not realistic it doesn`t count. So the hits hàve to be acted out`as well.

The same rules apply to magic, the wyrd power to do magic is gathered by praying or a ritual in real time to a max of 7 spells. Same for healing, at every camp there`s peeps gathering dew at 6 in the morning and drying coked bandages on branches. It make stuff very real!!
Sigilien Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2007
Waar word dit precies gespeeld? en bij welke vereniging?
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